About Us

Quinn’s Uncles live and work among you. They teach your children. They represent you in court. They meld into your lives in such a seamless and unassuming way that you can be forgiven for being entirely unaware that the very future of rock sits in the cubicle next to you. Known to those that know as “QU,” they write songs that act like sticky note reminders in your brain to believe in the power of rock and roll. Like every mild-mannered powerhouse songwriting machine, QU takes its cues from Van Halen, the Allman Brothers, the Black Crowes and the high priests of brother-induced rock, the Bacon Brothers. Come see a show with two acoustic guitars and two voices that will transform your life and/or fill 45 minutes of your time. Be confounded and amazed that just like you, Quinn’s Uncles wake up every morning and go to work, but at night reveal their majesty, power and humility, for they are – Quinn’s Uncles: Rock Gods With Day Jobs™.